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Oy Kendall Ab

– Importer of high-quality Motor Oils in Finland for 40 years

Oy Kendall Ab is a family-run company founded in 1979. Our corporation imports and markets Kendall Motor Oils which are known for their high-quality base oils.

We have a large range of oils that can be used in many ways including for passenger cars, heavy industry vehicles and industrial use. Together with the customer we will find the best possible lubricant solutions even for the most demanding situations.

We specialize in providing high quality products and services coupled with fast delivery. In addition, our skilled customer service personnel can be trusted to conduct all business in confidence.


The Kendall Refining Company was established in 1881 in Bradford, Pennsylvania. The Kendall-brand has been owned by the international energy company ConocoPhillips since year 2002. In year 2012 ConocoPhillips was divided into two different companies. Refining and marketing of Kendall-products continues under the ownership of the other of these companies, Phillips 66. In Finland Kendall has been marketed since 1979 by Oy Kendall Ab.

Oy Kendall Ab is a family-run company. The headquarters are located in Rauma and our company operates throughout the country. Our customers are found in many different business areas including retailers and car repair shops within the area of passenger cars and also in heavy-duty vehicle and industrial use areas. We have several customers, who we have been proud to serve for many decades, already from the early stages of our operation. When customers realize and understand how significant a role the quality of a lubricant has in relation to the function of the engines and machines, they are eager to continue to cooperate with us.

Our values are based on a customer oriented approach, reliability in the quality of products and operations, honesty and openness.



Phillips 66 is a worldwide energy company and belongs to the nine biggest companies in the United States. Phillips 66 is the sixth largest non-governmental controlled refiner in the world and the second largest refiner in the United States. The total crude refining capacity is 2,2 million barrels per day.

Group II base oils are produced by the company itself and Group III base oils are produced in co-operation. Phillips 66 is one of the largest marketers of Group II/Group III base oils in North America.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, the company has operations in nearly 70 countries. It has approximately 14 000 employees. Phillips 66 is listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “PSX”.



yritysinfo1 The company´s three major business areas are:

  • Petroleum refining, marketing and transportation
  • Natural gas gathering, processing and marketing
  • Chemicals and plastics production and distribution, including production and marketing of olefins and polyolefins



Phillips 66 offers consumers two premier lubricant brands: Kendall and Phillips 66

More than 137-year-old Kendall-brand is highly appreciated for its high-quality image. By using Kendall-lubricants you can be sure that you are using the best quality-product on the market. The technological expertise and continuous innovation of Phillips 66 makes this possible.


Our message ”Reliability on quality of products” which refers to Kendall-products is based on the first-class base oil. It has naturally superior lubrication ability, high viscosity index, outstanding wear protection, powerful oxidation resistance, corrosion protection and extreme-pressure qualities. Having our own oil refineries, world-class research facilities and product development guarantee the high and stable quality of products.

By using Kendall-products you protect the environment. A strong and sustainable lubrication film offers your engine an outstanding wear protection resulting in long service life and reduced consumption of lubricants. With good quality base oil lubricants the need of additives is remarkably lesser and the amount of additives aerosolized in the nature decreases.

By using Kendall-products you also save money as the service-, reserve part- and costs for repair are reduced. At the same time the consumption of lubricants decreases and equipment sustainability increases.


– Motor Oils

– Motorcycle 2- and 4-Cycle Motor Oils

– Greases

– Industrial Lubricants

– Hydraulic Oils

– Gear Lubricants

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